John Dunn Challenge Park BMX

Design and Construct Project

MG Group constructed BMX tracks of differing sizes and difficulties, including dirt, polypave, and concrete jumps. 


The John Dunn Reserve, Challenge Park BMX track design is an exciting integrated cycle facility located in the heart of Kelmscott.

The combined facilities provide an excellent entry point into riding while offering technical riding features for more advanced riders.

Elements include:

  • Pump tracks for beginner and advanced riders

  • Jump tracks for beginner, intermediate, and advanced/extreme riders

  • Skills loop

  • Bike safety track

  • Bike playground

  • Hard and soft landscaping

  • Site furniture

  • Lighting

  • Public toilet

  • Signage.

The similarities to this project include: excavation, BMX track construction, jumps, hydraulics, drainage, forming, pouring and the construction of numerous concrete elements, steel shelters, soft landscaping, installation of irrigation, street furniture, concrete pavements, asphalt, kerbing and line-marking, playground construction, working with a majority of MG Group direct labour and qualified trades to carry out the works on-site.