Exteriors and Public Open Spaces

Providing a well distributed network of attractive public open spaces and natural areas within the neighbourhood answers a variety of recreational, sporting, play and social needs of the community in urban areas which is critical for creating and maintaining community cohesion. The projects that MG Group have completed encompasses a variety of spaces within the urban environment that are readily and generally freely accessible to the wider community or client specific project, regardless of size, design or physical features and which are intended primarily for amenity or recreation purposes. The ‘parks’ and ‘public open space’s’ created are generally referring to areas typically designed for a range of different leisure or recreational needs – both active and passive. These included landscaped parks and playgrounds as well as some private and publicly accessible paved open pedestrian spaces. Our public open spaces refer to areas with features such as paving, concrete, garden beds, lawns, trees, landscaped gardens and planting, lakes, water features such as dams or fountains, picnic areas, playgrounds and nature play areas, seating and/or walking trails that promote a place for gathering and socialising.

Exteriors Projects