Saw Avenue, Goanna Path, Wildflower Pavilion and Rubber Softfall

Client: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
Completion: July 2014
Contract Value: 1.2 M

MG Group were awarded several projects in the vicinity of Kings Park. Saw Avenue consisted of a new playground and picnic area in Variety Place. It included building and installing a children’s adventure playground with fort, constructing and building a large rock wall out of limestone boulders and creating a culvert and pipe tunnel for children to play in. MG Group also installed specialised play equipment including ‘amusement nets’, ‘birds nest baskets’ and balance beams. Including in the upgrade, a double barbecue was fitted and new turf for the picnic area.

Various exposed aggregate mixes were used for laying concrete paths including the depot path surrounding Saw Avenue and the 640m Goanna Path.

New Rubberised impact matting was installed in the Lottery West Playground.