Museum Street Park

Museum Street Park

Client : EPRA

Completed: 2011

This was the upgrade of an open space into a park/ thoroughfare to the adjacent TAFE. This involved clearing earthworks and the construction of retaining walls (face brick) and soak wells. This coupled with decorative concrete stairs, paving, stainless steel works and soft landscaping.

This was another opportunity for The MG Group undertaking work as head contractor. Again our in house labour was able to carry out the vast majority of works allowing us a great deal of control over cost and program.

As with all inner city works the small area of works and the logistical coordination of all the trades/ processes that need to occur was carefully planned and controlled before construction commenced. The MG Group has vast experience of undertaking works under such circumstances and conditions. The capacity of the company allowed its own in house labour specialities to undertake the work not requiring the even greater uncertainty of engaging a larger amount of sub contractors. This has reduced the need for co-ordination between separate trading entities and their commercial obligations, but also reduced the amount of people and traffic involved on the project.